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the highest form of service or calling
Kaleo Partners specializes in strategic consulting and advisory services with company and government leaders to promote innovation, capture new opportunities and create value.
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C2C: client-to-customer

engagement model
Sales enabled government advocacy that accelerates solution adoption and drives revenue. Kaleo operates at the intersection of business and government to drive value-based outcomes for all stakeholders.


Client to Customer
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the world of information technology is changing & it is changing our world
The legacy activity-based advocacy approach is no longer sufficient to provide results. The Kaleo client-to-customer (C2C) model delivers end to end insight and support to deliver results.


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there will be winners and losers
The Kaleo insight-based engagement model is facilitated by extensive expertise in policy and budget as well as procurement and contracting. Our proactive approach enables opportunity creation rather than the traditional response driven motion.
There will be winners and losers
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